This articles covers how to report bugs you find on Wikia . We want your experience of Wikia to be as bug free as possible, and we welcome anyone who spots a bug to report it to us. However, in order to aid us in solving those bugs, we have a few tips about how to report them.

Where should it be reported to?

All bugs need to be reported through Special:Contact/bug. If you prefer your regular email interface better, or wish to send attachments (such as screenshots), then you can email the message through to instead.

What should a problem report contain?

  • Try and make it as clear as possible, including specific details and steps on how to reproduce the bug.
  • Browser, including version number - for example Firefox 3.0.3, IE7, etc.
  • Operating System (OS) - for example Vista, OS X 10.5, etc.
  • What wiki and what exact page you were on when you saw the problem.
  • The full text of any error messages.
  • Whether you were logged in at the time, and with what username.

Thank you in advance from the entire Wikia team!

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