This article covers how to report bugs you find on Fandom.

We want your experience of Fandom to be as bug-free as possible, and we welcome anyone who spots a bug to report it to us. However, in order to help us solve those issues, we have a few tips about how to report them.

Where should it be reported?

All bugs should be reported through Special:Contact.

If you run into issues with this, you can email the message through to instead, but the contact form is preferred.

What should a problem report contain?

  • Details of the issue - try to make it as clear as possible, including specific details and steps on how to reproduce the problem.
  • A screenshot of how the bug (when that is possible).
  • Your device details, particularly:
    • Browser, including version number (for example Chrome 75, Safari 12.1.1)
    • Operating System (for example Windows 10, macOS 10.14, Android 9)
  • What community and what exact page you were on when you saw the problem.
  • The full text of any error messages.
  • Whether you were logged in at the time, and with what username.

Thank you in advance from the entire Fandom team!

Further help and feedback

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