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Global Discussions moderators are a group of users with permissions related to the Discussions feature.

The group's mission statements are:

  • Help out on active Discussions areas where the admins and community of editors have not yet become involved or are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Surface good moderator candidates to wiki admins, and offer help in transitioning Discussions to local oversight.
  • Foster healthy community growth through moderation, interaction, community management and post creation.
  • Educate Discussions users about the nature of the wiki community and collaborative editing.

There is no specific mandate for cleanup of spam and vandalism, which is the purview of the Spam Obliteration and Prevention. The focus of the Global Discussions moderators is on community management, community building and social concerns within the Discussions feature specifically.
For more details see the Global Discussions Moderator operation guidelines.



Members of this group will have, globally:

  • The same rights in Discussions that wiki admins/local discussion mods have, such as the option to edit and delete posts, handle reported content and manage categories.
  • The block permission (to set a block on a specific community).
  • Admin Dashboard access.
  • CheckUser and SocialLogs rights.
  • A specific user badge.

Aside from the option to set blocks and perform CheckUser checks, the group does not have any special permissions outside of Discussions. Also unlike "local" Discussions Moderators, they cannot enable and disable comments on individual blog posts and article pages, or moderate message walls.

The permission structure is meant to allow this group to operate effectively without admin involvement in Discussions. They will work with (and defer to) admins when the admins are taking an active role in Discussions.


Global Discussions moderators will be assigned to work on specific communities that have requested help or that have been identified by Fandom staff.

Global Discussions moderators will typically work in pairs, with two assigned to each community. This facilitates a collaborative approach to solving problems, helps build trust with communities and allows for one moderator to take time off when needed.

Request help from the Global Discussions moderators by using the request page.

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