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Gamepedia's former logo

Gamepedia was the largest standalone video game wiki platform on the planet. Its legacy lives on with its former mascot, Hydra Guy, as well as the lion's share of Fandom's video game wikis, from the Minecraft Wiki to the Genshin Impact wiki to The Vault (Fallout) to the No Man's Sky wiki and hundreds in between.

Gamepedia had a curated approach to wiki creation, requiring that players or developers request for a wiki to be opened for a particular game. Staff reviewed each request and opened wikis which made sense for the community with a custom design and some initial content seeding from a team of Wiki Managers. The Wiki Manager program led to Fandom's Wiki Representative and Wiki Specialist programs.

Other Gamepedia hallmarks have inspired Fandom's approach to community today, including editor recognition programs like Editor of the Month, live chat support and camaraderie through the Fandom Verified Editor Discord server (modeled after Gamepedia's legendary old editors and admins Slack), and Fandom Game Time (inspired by Gamepedia's streaming program).