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This app is no longer actively supported

  • We won't add new features and may only fix severe bugs.

Game Guides is a free app available for users on Android and iOS, so long as they are located outside of the European Union. Within the EU, this app is unavailable due to legal reasons. Game Guides provides quick mobile access to all the articles on FANDOM's Gaming communities, so long as the wikis have a minimum number of pages.

You can find the App in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This user guide provides an overview for both Android and iOS.

Finding and adding games

After you have downloaded and started the app, you will be presented with a home screen. From there you should:

  • Tap on the "+" button
  • Enter the community of your choice (or the name of a game) and press the Search button on your mobile keyboard.
  • Once you find your game community of choice, tap the community's image or title to go straight to the game guide.
  • If you would like to add this community to your home screen, tap the green "+" and it will be automatically added to your home screen.

Browsing game guide content

On the home screen, please tap on the game guide of your choice.

  • Once you're in the game home screen you can see:
  • Stats about this community: Its WAM score and how many pages, photos, and videos it contains.
  • The search button
  • Content list which you can sort by top picks (default view) and trending (most page views in the last week)

Tap "MORE" for either the top picks list or the trending list to see the full list of content. At the top of this page, you will also find an info icon you can tap to learn more about the community that supplies information for the game guide. Here you also have the option to let the community's admins know if and how they can improve their guide.

Managing your game guides

Navigation panel

On any screen of the app, you can open your navigation panel which features:

  • A shortcut to the home screen
  • Settings
  • Your list of favorite game guides
    • If you tap on the game guide title, you go straight to the game guide home screen
    • If you tap on the bookmark button next to the title, you go straight to the bookmarks screen for that game guide.

Removing wikis

  • iOS: Open the navigation menu via the button on the top right of your home screen. You will see a list of your game guides. To remove a game guide from this list as well as your home screen, slide it to the left. An option to delete the game guide will appear.
  • Android and iOS: Tap "Add Community" on the home screen. You will see a list of available game guides. Those that you have added will have a check mark to their right. Those you can still add have a "+" button. To add another game guide, tap the "+" next to it. To remove a game guide, tap the check mark.

Bookmark screen

This can be accessed by tapping on the bookmark button in your navigation panel next to the game community of your choice.

For Android devices:

  • Tap on the arrow to the right of a bookmark to bring up the options screen in which you can either delete or share the bookmarked article.

For iOS devices:

  • Swipe horizontally on a bookmark to delete it

Additional options

For Android devices:

  • Offline bookmarking - tap the bookmark icon in the top bar for bookmarking options; here you can bookmark the whole article or any of the article sections.
  • Share
  • Display Options - change the font, brightness and/or alignment of text.
  • Web view - takes you to the web view of that article.
  • Sections - shows the additional browsing options within this articles (can be found at the bottom of the article as well).

For iOS devices:

  • Offline bookmarking - tap the bookmark icon in the bottom bar for bookmarking options; here you can bookmark the whole article or any of the article sections.
  • Airdrop to share content
  • Display options - tap on the Display Options button in the bottom bar to change the font size, change the font to sans serif, justify the text layout, or dim the screen.

Curating your community's game guide

The app is automatically turned on for all gaming communities on FANDOM. Game Guides pulls content directly from your community. We have a couple of tips so you can ensure your wiki offers the best possible information:

  • The most important is clear categorization. If your community is categorized properly, it will be easier to set up navigation for app users.
  • The Mobile Main Page tool allows admins to establish a text summary and representative image for their community which will be used in the Game Guides app. It also allows admins to set up category-based navigation for the app. See Help:Mobile Main Page for further instructions.

Further help and feedback