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The founder of a wiki is the user who first created that wiki.

User rights

Founders automatically receive administrator and bureaucrat rights on their community, giving them access to administrative tools like deletion and the ability to grant these rights to other users.

Beyond that, founders receive no special privileges or treatment, and they do not "own" the wiki or community as per the wiki philosophy (and licensing). Founders are intended to help guide the wiki in its early stages, set its direction, establish its design, help nurture a community and eventually grant admin and even bureaucrat rights to other users.

If a founder is inactive and a wiki does not have additional bureaucrats, active users may consider adopting it to receive these rights and continue the founder's work.

Determining who is the community founder

In case someone wants to know which user founded a wiki, there is no definite way to find out, though there are some signs.

  • The founder is likely to be the first editor in the Main Page edit history.
  • The founder is most likely to be the first to perform an action on the User Rights log - since the founder is initially the only bureaucrat and admin.

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