When uploading an image, you will want to tag it with the appropriate copyright tag. This will tell other users who look at the image what license the image falls under, thereby letting them know the copyright status of the image.

Please remember that all images uploaded to Wikia should be used under fair use or are images that are freely available, with or without conditions or restrictions.

What are the licensing tags?

There are eight standard licensing tags that are provided by default on all newly created wikis. These cover both fair and free use images, as well as a few other types of images. The tags are as follows:

  • {{PD}}. Public domain. For example, when the author has put the work into the public domain or the author died over 70 years ago.
  • {{Fairuse}} - for a copyrighted image which is contended to be fair use.
  • Free licenses
    • {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}} - Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0
    • {{Other free}} - Any free license such as the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
    • {{Permission}} - For when the owner of the image has given full permission for it to be used freely.
    • {{From Wikimedia}} - For images taken from Wikimedia. Remember to add the specific license information too.
    • {{Self}} - for image you made yourself, and release under a free license. Remember, a specific license tag is much better.
  • Other
    • {{No license}} - for images with no copyright information.

How do I use these tags?

When uploading files via Special:Upload, you can select one of these copyright tags in the "Licensing" drop down menu. For example:


If you are uploading via the in-text editor or the image placeholder tools, you will need to go to the image description page. To get there, click the image in the article and then click the magnifying glass in the lower right hand corner. Once there, Click "Edit" at the top and then copy one of the templates into the edit window. For example, if you are using the fair use template, add {{Fairuse}}.

Please remember that you are responsible for the upload and use of every image you upload and ensuring that the copyright you have provided is correct.

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