A web feed is a data format used for serving frequently updated content to users. A content provider publishes a feed link on their site. Users can subscribe to the feed using an aggregator program (also called a feed reader or a news reader) running on their own machines; other websites can also publish feed content on their own sites.

Wikia provides outgoing RSS and Atom feeds for some wiki pages, and it can publish incoming RSS feeds from other sites.

Which Wikia pages provide feeds?

RSS and Atom feeds are available for individual articles and for certain special pages. When you visit the page in question, the toolbox in the sidebar will contain "rss" or "atom" links which allow you to access the feed URL.

  1. Changes to any Wikia article: go to the article's history page
  2. Recent changes: go to Special:Recentchanges
  3. New pages: go to Special:Newpages


How do I publish RSS content from another site?

The basic syntax is <rss> URL goes here </rss>. See Help:RSS2Wiki for more options.

Facebook Social Plugins

There are a new set of wikitext tags you can use to include Facebook widgets anywhere on your site. (If you're using the default editor, you'll need to switch to source mode to use these.)

Like box

The like box will display a widget about a topic.

<fb:like-box name="wikia"/>


facebook documentation

This specifies the name of the page the box will display.
The Facebook Page Id. Many wikis will have to use this instead of 'name' because Facebook will currently only let you choose a name if the page already has 25 "like"s.

Live stream

The live stream box is for allowing people to update status around an event, like a finale or a movie release.




The comment box allows users to post a comment about the current page.




Adds a like button that allows users to like the current page.


Login button

Adds a login button.




The text within the two tags (<fb:login-button>HERE</fb:login-button>) will determine what text the button will show.


Adds page recommendations.



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