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Featured Videos are prominent video players at the top of select Fandom articles that either display the latest episode of The Loop, or a legacy explainer video covering the article's own topic as an overview. The former only display once per Wiki to visiting readers on high-view pages, while the latter display to all visiting readers on specific pages; by default, no logged-in users see any Featured Videos.

The Featured Video player

The Featured Video player provides the following options while viewing a video:

  • A Play/Pause button.
  • A volume bar.
  • A settings button that allows you to disable autoplay for 2 weeks at a time and to change the video quality.
  • A full-screen button (the user can also go full screen by pressing F on their keyboard).

When you scroll down the page on desktop, the video minimizes into a smaller player in the lower right-hand corner of the page. On mobile web, the video remains fixed at the top of the page while scrolling. The scrolling player can be dismissed at any time on desktop and mobile.

A Featured Video on South Park Archives' Kenny McCormick article, as seen on desktop.

Featured Videos are disabled by default for logged in users, but can be enabled in account preferences. They remain visible to all logged out users and cannot be disabled. You can find more information about that here.

Before a Featured Video begins, the player may first display a video advertisement. These high-value advertisements, along with some other updates to the look of Fandom, allowed for the removal of 30% of advertisements on every wiki page from the beginning to the end of 2017. As a result, in that same period of time, average desktop page load times decreased by 46%.

Types of Videos

The Loop

The Loop is a weekly mini-show produced by Fandom's original content team to cover the latest developments of any given wiki's vertical. These videos play on articles not covered by legacy videos, and are vertical specific. For example, the Joyce Byers article would display the episode for Movies and TV wikis, because the Stranger Things Wiki is in the Movies/TV vertical, while the Able Sisters article would display the episode for Games wikis. Viewers will only be served an episode of The Loop once per Wiki, per visit, after which point a rate limit kicks in.

Episodes often reference and link to (via the video player) the Fandom wikis associated with any topics discussed. Below is an exemplary episode of The Loop:

Legacy videos

These videos provide an overview of a given article's topic, and generally display only on the articles they are directly related to. Unlike episodes of The Loop, these videos may be served an indefinite number of times to viewers.

There are a number of different video types:

For gaming:

  • Walkthrough Videos for explanations on how to complete quests, missions, and levels in a visually-engaging way to compliment their gameplay.
  • Tips & Tricks Videos that showcase information that players might not otherwise be aware of, such as where to find rare items, how to combat certain enemies, and more.
  • Tactics Videos that walk players through different scenarios within a game, such as how to defeat a boss, what items to use in a fight, and what powers to avoid against certain enemies.
  • Lore Videos that cover topics such as characters, backstories, myths, and legends, to present viewers with a high-level overview of the subject.

For anime, movies, and TV:

  • Biography Videos that recap a high-level character biography.
  • Analysis Videos that take a closer look at a topic, such as who a character is, what makes them who they are, and why they are interesting.
  • Recap Videos that give an overview of a movie or TV series, season, or episode.

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