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If you are looking for help on changing a community's site logo, see Help:Theme Designer § Community identity
This is a favicon

Fandom's default favicon is the Fandom heart

A favicon (short for favorite icon) is a small image shown on browser tabs, shortcut icons and other areas as a visual representation of a website. It is shown next to the article/site name and is also used for browser bookmarks. Uploading your own customized favicon can give your wiki a unique touch!

How do I customize the favicon?[]

Favicon Theme Designer

Favicon uploader in Theme Designer

Administrators can upload a new favicon for a wiki by using the Theme Designer and finding the 'Favicon graphic' section of the Community Identity area. You will need an image (min 16 × 16 pixels and max 256 × 256 pixels) with file type .ico or .png.

Note: The file must be saved in ICO format using software designed for generating .ico files, or saved in PNG format using image editing software. Simply renaming a .jpg/.gif file with an .ico/.png extension will not work. However, you can use some online generators (such as RedKetchup) to convert your files to .ico, up to 256 pixels in dimensionality.

Although the minimum size of 16 x 16 pixels is enough for an image to appear as the browser tab icon, you should also note that there are other areas (such as shortcut icons) that require a larger size. If a file is too small, certain areas may continue to display the default Fandom logo.

After a favicon is uploaded, it can take a moment for the image to change. You may need to purge a page to see the favicon appear right away.

Should I protect the favicon?[]

Once uploaded via Theme Designer, the favicon file will be automatically protected as File:Site-favicon.ico.

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