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FandomDesktop is the newest user interface design for Fandom wikis (including formerly Gamepedia wikis). Previously known as Phase 2 of the Unified Community Platform (UCP), this work was announced in early 2020 at Community Connect and in a subsequent blog post.

FandomDesktop replaced Oasis, Hydra, HydraDark, and the remaining unique interfaces from select Gamepedia wikis. Those user interfaces have been retired.

Why a new skin?[]

User feedback was a very important consideration and driving force behind FandomDesktop. The new skin takes into account elements from both Fandom and Gamepedia wikis and is the biggest visual update to the platform since 2010. Based on user feedback, the new skin introduces new features. For more information, please see the blog that introduced FandomDesktop.

Prefer Mobile view?[]

Fandom also has a mobile view, FandomMobile, accessible both from desktop and mobile. You can easily switch between these two skins with the button under the footer at the bottom of every non-discussions page. Click the "View full site" or the "View mobile site" buttons to switch.

A few of the features on FandomDesktop[]

While FandomDesktop has several features from the legacy interfaces, the big ones we were really excited about are:

  • Light and dark themes - Switch between light and dark theme on wikis to suit your needs using the theme toggle or by going to Special:Preferences
  • Dismissible right rail for logged-in users - Logged-in users can now dismiss the right rail with a toggle to allow them to see even more of the content area
  • Theme Designer - The Theme Designer includes new features such as customizing light and dark theme appearances, adding square or rectangular logos/wordmarks, adding header images or background images, and more
  • Pinned local navigation when you scroll - The local navigation stays with you as scroll down the page, staying pinned to the top

With UCP and the Unified Consumer Experience (FandomMobile and FandomDesktop) rolled out, we built the foundation for our teams to develop new features, content types, creator tools, extensions, and more.

Read more[]

For more information on FandomDesktop, please refer to the following links:

Help and support[]

If you need help with FandomDesktop, there are some options for you: