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The Fan Feed can be found at the bottom of the main page and all existing article pages on Fandom's wiki communities. It provides a mix of recommended communities, wiki pages, Featured Videos, Discussions, Fandom editorial content, and more. The content is chosen mostly by an algorithm based on popular Fandom topics, local wikis, and interests.

Fan Feed content[]

This module, found at the top left corner of the Fan Feed, indicates the top 3 trending articles on the wiki you're currently on. However, when a user is on a trending article, that article disappears from the module, and instead, the 4th most trending article appears in the module. The header color and graphic come from the page header and they are automatically customized from the theme designer. The main page, or any page with a namespace that is not the "Main" namespace, is not included in this module, even if it is the most viewed page in a specific wiki. It doesn't appear on wikis with no pages or with pages without views.

Wiki articles[]

The Fan Feed displays a mix of wiki articles from the community a user is currently visiting, as well as other related wikis so that even more content can be discovered. The Fan Feed displays the article's title, one of the article's images and the community's name in the card.

Featured Videos[]

In the Fan Feed, wiki articles that have a Featured Video are identified with a white play button. International wikis with Featured Videos also display some of them in the Fan Feed.

Editorial content[]

In the Fan Feed, cards with "Fandom" on the gray subtitles are identified as editorial content created by Fandom.


Sponsored content sometimes appears in the Fan Feed, the sponsor listed in the gray subtitles after "Powered by ", but no more than one sponsored piece will appear at one time.

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