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Thank you for exploring the FanCentral Beta! As the Fandom team continues to work on improving, expanding, and optimizing, we understand some experiences, like searching for fandoms, isn’t quite perfect yet. If you have been searching for fandoms in FanCentral, but are unable to find some of your favorites, here are some tips and info that should help!

Your fandom may be covered under a broader category[]

Currently, FanCentral fandoms are directly related to fan-powered wikis hosted on Searching for franchises, universes, services, or companies can get you connected. The FanCentral fandom catalog will always be expanding and going deeper to give you an experience that is truly all your own.


Search FanCentral fandom
Mary Poppins Disney
Squid Games Netflix
Breath of the Wild Zelda
Avengers MCU or Marvel
Luigi Nintendo

Your fandom search needs to be rewritten[]

Punctuation, acronyms, alternative names, and even spelling mistakes can make a difference when getting to your fandoms. Try again with another search. Right now, the FanCentral fandom search must be exact. The good news is that predictive results will appear as you type!


Search FanCentral fandom
Yugioh Yu-Gi-Oh!
Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU
Terarria Terraria
Wookieepedia Star Wars
A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones

Your fandom is related to a wiki, but is not yet available[]

At the launch of the FanCentral Beta, we are excited to have hundreds of the most popular fandoms, but with over 250,000 wikis we know we have room to grow! Let us know which fandoms you’d like to see added next!


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New World
Chainsaw Man
Bob’s Burgers
Tony Hawk

Your fandom hasn’t been added as a wiki to[]

Are you part of a fandom that has a strong following, but doesn’t have a presence on Let us know what we’re missing.

FanCentral is set to be the best place for you to have a customized experience with all of your fandoms. Fans like you are helping us learn and iterate to make FanCentral THE place for fans.