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This extension is enabled by default on Fandom.

Fandom has been thoroughly pleased to announce the EmbedVideo feature, a "new" way to embed videos onto pages originally used on Gamepedia wikis, which is now available across all of Fandom.

Rather than "uploading" a video via the video embed tool and needing to maintain File: pages for each video, this tool allows for videos to be embedded onto pages using a simple wikitext parser function.


  • Confirm that the video or audio file you wish to use is on the list of supported services — over 30 are supported, including all of the services supported by the original video embed tool.
  • Use the table to find the service name and the individual video's ID. With the exception of SoundCloud, the video ID is a piece of the URL where the video is located. For example, in the YouTube URLs or, the ID would be Vois0RMtPHE. The table will help you identify the video ID from a given video service.
  • With the service name and ID in hand, use this syntax to make an unformatted video embed: {{#ev:service|id}}

For our YouTube example, our parser function would be written as {{#ev:youtube|Vois0RMtPHE}}, which looks like what you see below:

SoundCloud exception

For SoundCloud embeds, the entire URL is the video ID, so if you wished to embed the same video using SoundCloud's player, you would use this:


Which produces this:

As a note, Fandom's previous SoundCloud extension used the <soundcloud> tag rather than EmbedVideo, so that tag is far more commonplace than the #ev parser function — as such, specific usage-instructions for that parser tag have been included in Help:Audio, the <soundcloud> tag has been feature of the EmbedVideo extension since version 2.7.0, so either method will produce the same embed.

Formatting your videos

All formatting settings that can currently be accomplished with the video embed tool can be accomplished with EmbedVideo too! This is the syntax:

  • dimensions is the width of your video, e.g. {{#ev:youtube|Vois0RMtPHE|200}} for 200px-wide, or {{#ev:youtube|Vois0RMtPHE|200x400}} for 200px-wide, 400px-tall.
  • alignment declares the embed alignment, either left, right, center, or inline — if undefined, the default is left-alignment without float — explicitly defining "left" or "right" will cause text to flow around the video. Example: {{#ev:youtube|Vois0RMtPHE||center}}
  • description is the caption of your video! It accepts generic wikitext, e.g. {{#ev:youtube|Vois0RMtPHE|||Hello ''world''!}}
Hello world!


The full breadth of this feature's capabilities is beyond the scope of this article, and can be viewed here. You can learn how to use #evt for embedding videos in templates, #evu to let EmbedVideo detect the service of your video for you, urlargs in the #ev function that let you control at what point in the video the player starts, and even parser tag alternative syntaxes such as <embedvideo service="youtube">ID</embedvideo> or <soundcloud url=""/>.

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