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[[it:Aiuto:Modificare Speciale:CSS]]
[[it:Aiuto:Modificare Speciale:CSS]]
[[fr:Aide:Modifier Spécial:CSS]]

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Editing MediaWiki:Wikia.css routes you to Special:CSS, an updated experience for editing your wikia's CSS.

For more tips and help with editing CSS on Wikia, visit Help:CSS.

Accessing Wikia.css

An entry point to the editing interface can be found on Admin Dashboard. Browsing to Mediawiki:Wikia.css and clicking 'Edit' will also route you to the interface, which is located at Special:CSS.


Special:CSS comes with a variety of features, including:

  • Line numbering
  • Active syntax highlighting to improve readability

Active error checking ("linting"):

  • As you type code, the page will let you know about any errors in the syntax that might have occurred
  • An icon will appear for any line with the !important declaration
  • Do note that not every error must be solved - CSS technology is ever evolving, and browsers do not all behave identically: some messages may not require action

A sidebar of useful links:

Common errors

As you type, the page will check your CSS for any errors. Not all errors it reports need to be actioned.

Error Explanation
@import prevent parallel downloads, use <link> instead Link tags are normally used to import CSS. However, MediaWiki does not support adding your own link tags without use of javascript, so this error can normally be ignored.
Expected X but found Y This means you have entered an invalid value for a property. For example, in 'color: foo;' foo is an invalid value for the color property because it is not a color.
Use of !important !important should be avoided in CSS as it makes them harder to maintain at a later date. It also makes it harder for users to override in their personal CSS. Most of the time, using the correct selector will help you avoid using !important.

Further Help and Feedback

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