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This is a work in progress! We plan to document common issues converting from DynamicPageList (third party) to DynamicPageList3.

Frequently asked questions[]

  • Why are my previously sorted tables no longer sorted?
    • The older version of DPL defaulted to sorting by titlewithoutnamespace if no sort order was specified, but the newer version requires that you specify the sort order using the ordermethod parameter. For example:
      | ordermethod = title
      | ordermethod = titlewithoutnamespace
  • Why does geturlargs no longer work?
    • All DPL variables passed through the URL must be prefixed with DPL_ as the first four characters of the variable name.
  • Why do namespace numbers no longer work?
    • Only namespace names are accepted.
  • How do I get the purge confirmation page to remember the URL arguments?
    • Until this is fixed, it requires the following JavaScript to be added to the wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js page:
/* "Temporary" fix for {{#dpl:execandexit=geturlargs}} */
/* Credit and thanks go to MarkusRost */
$( function() {
	/* Make the confirmation on action=purge keep DPL arguments */
	if ( mw.config.get('wgAction') === 'purge' ) {
		var purgeForm = $('#mw-content-text');
		var purgeParams = purgeForm.find('input[name="redirectparams"]').val().split('&').filter( function (param) {
			return param.startsWith('DPL_');
		} );
		if ( purgeParams.length ) {
			purgeForm.attr('action', purgeForm.attr('action') + '&' + purgeParams.join('&') );
	/* Avoid the purge confirmation all together, restoring legacy behaviour until extension is fixed */
	$('.DPL-purge a.external').on( 'click', function( e ) {
		var $form = $( '<form>' ).attr( {
			method: 'POST',
			action: this.href,
		} ).appendTo( document.body );
	} );
} );
  • Why are queries depending on user contributions now returning no results?
    • Since contributions now are based on the actor table, DPL doesn't return results regarding contributions made prior to the UCP / actor migration.
  • Why does DPL return too many results when using includematch?
    • There is a bug in includematch. Try using titlematch or using category logic as a possible workaround until this is fixed.