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Discussions AbuseFilter has a user-friendly way of defining rules. They are made up of three parts:

  • Attribute: a characteristic of a Discussions post
  • Operator: a way to compare an attribute to some set of values
  • Value: a list of values you want to compare to.

Rule attribute[]

Rule attribute are attributes or characteristics of a post.

Type Name Notes
string Post text The text version of the body of a post, not including the title.
Post title The title of the post. For article comments, the post title is always an empty string.
Post category
  • Discussions: the category name
  • Article comment: the parent page name
  • Wall: the wall owner's username
Username The user who created or edited the post
string list Post links Only included if it is an actual link (not just text). Includes open graph links.
User groups This uses the raw name for each user group. Most commonly known user groups: bot, bureaucrat, sysop, content-moderator, threadmoderator, rollback
select Post format
  • text (always set as text for article comments and message walls)
  • poll
  • quiz
Post content type
  • discussions
  • article comment
  • wall
Post action
  • created thread
  • created reply
  • updated post
integer User registration date The number of seconds since registration
boolean Post has images Whether the post has attached images or not
Post has mentions Whether the post mentions a user using the @ notation.

Rule operators[]

Rule operators are ways to compare or target a rule definition.

Type Operator Notes Example
string is one of Exactly matches one of the values. post title is one of ["hello", "help"]
Match: "hello"
Doesn't match: "hello there"
is not one of Does not exactly match any of the values. post title is not one of ["hello", "help"]
Match: "hello there"
Doesn't match: "hello"
starts with Starts with any of the values. post title starts with ["hello", "help"]
Match: "hello there"
Doesn't match: "good day"
does not start with Does not start with any of the values. post title does not start with ["hello", "help"]
Match: "good day"
Doesn't match: "hello there"
contains Contains any of the values. post title contains ["hello", "help"]
Match: "oh hello there"
Doesn't match: "bye"
does not contain Does not contain any of the values. post title does not contain ["hello", "help"]
Match: "bye"
Doesn't match: "oh hello there"
is empty The string is empty. Note that a post containing only an image will have an empty post text. post text is empty
Match: ""
Doesn't match: "hello".
matches regex The string matches any of the regex strings. The filter uses re2 syntax, documented here. post text matches regex ["you\\s*suck"]
Match: "you suck"
Doesn't match: "hello"
string list exactly matches is exactly the same as the list of values user groups exactly matches ["sysop"]
Match: ["sysop"]
Doesn't match: ["sysop", "rollback"]
contains all of the attribute's values all contain the list of values post links contains all of ["", ""]
Match: ["", ""]
Doesn't match: [""]
contains any of at least one of the attribute's values contain a value post links contains any of ["", ""]
Match: [""]
Doesn't match: [""]
contains none of none of the attribute's values contain a value post links contains none of ["", ""]
Match: [""]
Doesn't match: [""]