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This extension is not enabled by default but may be available upon request.

The Discussions AbuseFilter extension allows administrators to set specific filters in Discussions for actions (i.e., blocking or disallowing) to be performed when the filters are triggered. Enabling the extension is subject to restrictions, and administrators are only given access when there is a clear and current need for it. Administrators can contact Fandom Staff to enable the extension.


Managing filters[]

When enabled, an administrator can navigate to Special:DiscussionsAbuseFilter, which lists the current filters and some basic information about them. Clicking the "Create a new filter" will create a new filter. The filter section is where rules can be written. When the filter is hit by an action, additional actions can be taken. These include completely disallowing the action or blocking the user. By default, it will also log a filter hit.

Defining rules and actions[]

For a detailed list of rules and actions, see Help:Discussions AbuseFilter/Rule format.

A rule is an "attribute" "operator" "values" pair. If you want to write multiple rules, you can click the '+' icon on the right of a rule. Multiple rules can be combined with either 'AND' or 'OR'.

For example, the following two rules will check whether a user is admin or staff, OR if the user registered over 7 days ago:

Discussions AbuseFilter OR example

Rules can be grouped into rule groups and are then checked in order from top to bottom.

For example, the following two rule groups will first ignore admins and staff, and then prevent users from creating posts in the 'Technical Updates' category in Discussions.

Discussions AbuseFilter rule groups example

(Actions): When a user triggers a filter, they may be prevented from performing the action and/or blocked entirely. The block length should be a MediaWiki block length, e.g., "2 weeks", "infinite", etc.

Reading logs[]

All hitlogs can be viewed by going to Special:DiscussionsAbuseFilter/logs or going to Special:DiscussionsAbuseFilter/logs/filterid. The filter ID can be found on the home page of Special:DiscussionsAbuseFilter.

Further help and feedback[]