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Database Dump Issue!
Please note that, as of February 2024, Database Dumps are taking longer to generate than usual. Fandom Support is aware of the issue and a ticket is open with engineers to resolve the problem.

Fandom performs automatic backups of all wikis, but individual wikis can request their own database downloads, also known as database dumps, to back up the wiki's text content. This dumps the wiki's text in a compressed XML file that can be used as a personal backup or for bot maintenance tasks. This does not include private user information or images.

Please note that each wiki's license terms also apply to their database downloads. Typically, Fandom sites are available under a Creative Commons license (see Fandom Licensing), but this can vary for each community.

Downloading a database dump[]


The database download section on Special:Statistics

To access a database download, go to the Special:Statistics page on any community.

There are two download options:

  • Current pages: This contains only the current version of each page on the wiki, which can be useful for bot use.
  • Current pages and history: This contains the full page history of each page on the wiki. This may end up as a very large file for communities with many pages or revisions.

To download either of these, click the date link next to the option you would like. This should send the download request to your browser. The XML file is compressed in the .7z format, so you'll need to use a tool like 7-Zip to decompress the XML file.

Requesting a new dump[]

If the date on the download options are out of date, or if no database dump is currently available, a wiki administrator can request one by clicking the "Send request" button. This files a request to have the database download options updated. These requests are automatically processed during off-peak hours and are usually cleared out weekly. Once the request is processed, the date of the download links will update.

If no admin is available on the wiki, you can also request a new database dump via Special:Contact.

Please note that a new database dump can only be requested once every seven days.

Further help and feedback[]