This feature is not currently available on new wikis which use the new Unified Community Platform (UCP).
See this page for more information on the new platform.

You can include custom CSS and JavaScript that solely apply to the Chat feature.

Modifying chat for all users

Custom CSS for chat can be applied using MediaWiki:Chat.css. Custom JavaScript can be added using MediaWiki:Chat.js.

As with any community-wide CSS and JavaScript additions, they must abide by Fandom's policy on allowed customizations and the Terms of Use.

Note: Editing of community JS pages requires the JavaScript review process being enabled on your community, something that can be done by using Special:Contact.

Personal changes

You can add CSS and JS to your personal JS locally on individual communities via. chat.css and chat.js, or globally via. global.css (on Community Central). (Note: global.js is not currently active in Chat.)

Further help and feedback

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