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This extension replaces the standard user wiki page with a lightly customizable profile with functionality similar to that of SocialProfile. The regular userpage can still be accessed by clicking on the User Page link next to the User Profile link in the top header.


Recent Activity[]

A user's recent editing activity for the currently viewed wiki is displayed on their profile.

Avatar display[]

Avatars are pulled from the Gravatar page, as with the Curse bar does, based on the user's registered email. Avatars can be changed through Gravatar.

Friend system[]

Users can send and respond to friend requests from other members. Friend requests received from another user may either be accepted or declined from the friend management page (Special:ManageFriends) or by visiting that user's profile.

Once accepted, they will appear among the user's friends as they are displayed on their profile and are global across all of Gamepedia. Only a small number appear on the profile page itself, but all a user's friends may be viewed by clicking through to the full list.

Comment board[]

A user can leave messages on other user's profiles (or on their own profile). Profile comments are specific to individual wikis. (not global) Comments may be marked up with the use of wiki text. Only recent comments are displayed on a profile page. After 30 days, comments will move to the Comment Archive, where they remain indefinitely.

A user may remove comments from their own profile, as can a user with the profile-moderate permission (given to users in the Administrators group by default). Users with that permission may remove comments from any profile.

Inside comments, wikitext can be used. However, HTML or HTML-like tags will not render, except for <pre> and <nowiki>. Additionally, transclusion of other pages is not supported.


A user's editing stats from across all of Gamepedia are displayed on their profile.

Wiki Points[]

The number of points a user has earned via WikiPoints is displayed on their profile. Users will also have a user level based on the number of points they have earned.

Personal Info[]

A user may choose to add some personal info to their profile. The extensions supports fields for:

  • Location,
  • favorite Gamepedia wiki,
  • gaming profiles for Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

Additionally, they have an open "About Me" field for writing about themselves. The personal info is editable on Special:Preferences, and is synchronized between all Gamepedia wikis.

User wiki toggle[]

While the user wiki page is replaced by the profile page, it is still available via a link in the nav bar above the page. A user may choose to use their user wiki page instead of a profile on an individual wiki by changing their preference in Special:Preferences. After switching their preference to a user wiki page, other users may similarly view their profile page via a link in the nav bar.


The appearance of profile pages may be customized on a site-wide basis by editing MediaWiki:CurseProfile.css