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Umbrella Academy Community Feed

The Community Feed on Umbrella Academy Wiki

Community Feeds is an experimental new community landing page currently being tested on a select handful of communities. This new experience is part of Fandom’s Unification project and aims to bring together all community content — wiki pages, conversational posts, videos, images, polls, and more — in one place so fans can dive in and contribute.

The feature is still in an alpha test stage, meaning it’s still at the beginning of its development process. It’s therefore incomplete and only available on a few communities where we can begin to gather data about how people use it and feedback about how it should evolve. We want to hear what you think as we further develop the Feed and introduce it to more communities.

If you’d like to share feedback, contact us directly at Special:Contact/feedback or!

Where are Community Feeds located?

Community Feeds are currently active on thirteen communities covering anime, gaming, movies, and TV. You can find it by going to the wiki's domain (such as and adding /f to the URL.

The Community Feeds experience is currently located on the following communities:





These community’s Feeds are available on desktop, mobile, and the Fandom app. An earlier version of Community Feeds took over the root subdomain of a community (as in, but that automatic redirect has been removed. Logged out users continue to see the wiki's main page at the subdomain. Newly registered accounts will have Feeds set as their default landing page for any community where Feeds is active, and we will study user data and feedback to see if this leads to an increase in contributions. All users have the option of setting Feeds as their main landing page in their account preferences, or continuing to select the previously available options of Main Page, Wiki Activity, or Recent Changes.

What you can see in the Feed

The center column of the Feeds page shows you contributions from other users. Currently, this is primarily posts that users have made, yourself included. There is also a module that shows some of the most recent updates to the wiki. You can choose to see the contributions filtered by what’s newest or by what’s trending.

On the left, you’ll see a description of the community, a link to its guidelines, and a link to the Community Page where you can find out how to help add content to the wiki. The right rail shows you suggestions for some of the most popular articles on the wiki that fans are looking at.

Community Feeds are also themed to reflect the theme of the wiki on desktop and mobile.

How you can contribute

Much like Discussions, the top of the Community Feed provides you with several contribution options: adding a text post, sharing a link or image, or creating a poll. You can also vote in polls, add replies, and upvote contributions by other users.

Category selection is not available here, and all contributions made through Feeds are automatically added to the General category if you view posts via Discussions. Communities in this experience were carefully chosen so as to not be too disruptive with the lack of categories. Any post you contribute to the Feed will also appear in that community’s Discussions.

Product development roadmap

As Community Feeds continues to evolve, here is what we have planned for its product development roadmap in 2019:

  • More wiki content in the Feed. Feeds is currently post-heavy. We’ll be giving a lot of thought to how we want to bring more wiki content into the Feeds experience, and community feedback will be an important element of that.
  • Post creation interface. We’ll be doing some design experiments around the post creation interface to see how we can encourage more users to create more thoughtful and quality posts. This will also include exploring options for text formatting to better support wiki-building conversations.
  • Post tagging. We’ve founded that Discussions categories didn’t work as well as we’d hope to group conversations. We will be rethinking our approach to categories and creating an article and post tagging system, so a post can be connected to an article and displayed in a module of trending content about that article.
  • Theming revamp. We’re in the early stages of a Theme Designer revamp that will ensure that all aspects of the community, including its appearance in the app, have the same theme as the wiki.
  • Personalization. The Fandom app allows you to subscribe to topics you’re interested in and receive notifications when new content is posted to those topics. This has been a significant driver of app user retention, so we’re going to bring that same experience to desktop and mobile web so users can follow what interests them on all platforms.
  • Global profile. We’re going to build a global profile that shows you all of your contributions across all Fandom communities, as well as what topics you subscribe to.
  • More connections between wiki pages and the Feed. One of the biggest points of feedback we’ve heard over the last few years is that users don’t like the Trending Fandom Articles module in the right rail. It shows editorial articles that are often unrelated to your community and are written by someone who isn’t part of your community. Using article tags, we’re going to replace the Trending Articles module with article-specific content from the Community Feed, including relevant wiki posts and editorial content. Likewise, we’re going to include more wiki activity in the Feed so there’s a truly unified experience.
  • Taking over the Fandom homepage. Community Feeds will ultimately replace topic pages on, which means that homepage content will be driven by a mix of community-powered content and staff curated content. Logged-in users will have the additional benefit of seeing a homepage that includes only content from communities they’ve chosen to follow, adding more personalization.

Some other things we’re going to look at include the right balance of manual curation by community and staff, and what content is automatically added. There are some other experiments we may make here and there as well, so we’re leaving ourselves room to explore new ideas as they arise.

How a lot of these different development goals are accomplished will be heavily influenced by data that we collect on how users are using Community Feeds, as well as community feedback.

Roadmaps are sometimes subject to change based on data and feedback, so any changes to the Community Feeds roadmap will be added here to reflect the evolving development process.

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