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The Community Council is Fandom's private product testing and feedback group. Members are Fandom users who have been selected by Staff to provide preliminary feedback and user testing on new features that are under development.

This group of users have a tag that can be found on their profile that says: "Council". They represent multiple supported languages and all types of Fandom communities.

How does it work?

When Fandom Staff has a new product or idea to share with the Community Council, the members of the group are invited to test that product and/or provide feedback on it. This includes:

  • Showing Councilors products and prototypes early, in order to get feedback and make changes before announcing the product to the whole community.
  • Collecting ideas for new products and providing data to plan new product releases.
  • Organizing occasional beta testing for large product releases.

The feedback provided by Councilors is invaluable to the product development and release process, so we can incorporate user feedback before we even post about a product on Community Central.


How can I join Community Council?

Please note that Community Council applications are on hold. No new Councilors are being added and there is no official Council business at this time.

If you think you are the right fit to join a product testing and feedback group, you can contact Fandom Staff and ask to join the Community Council. Staff will then review your contributions across the network to see if you are the right fit. If you are, you may be officially invited to join the Community Council.

What are the requirements for joining Community Council?

To be considered for Community Council, you must be able to converse well in written English. You should also have a history of collaboration and positive interaction with other users, beyond working on wiki articles.

To become part of Community Council, you must also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) since much of what Fandom discusses with Councilors is not yet ready for discussion with the broader user community.

Does a Councilor have special rights on the network or authority over other users?

No. While Councilor is a global group, a Councilor does not have special tools and does not have any authority over other users.

What is the time commitment for Community Council?

It is not a heavy time commitment and there is no specific list of duties (as opposed to other volunteer groups). Some Councilors choose to be more active than others.

Is there a hierarchy within Community Council?

No, there is not.

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