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CheckUser is an extension that allows someone using it to look up the IP addresses used by an account, or which accounts are used by an IP. The purpose of a CheckUser search is to see whether multiple IPs or accounts are being abused to spam, vandalize, or disrupt communities.

Who has CheckUser rights?[]

Fandom Staff, Wiki Specialists, the Spam Obliteration and Prevention team, and Global Discussions moderators have global CheckUser rights, meaning they can run an IP check on any wiki. The SOAP team uses the tool to clean up spam and vandalism. Fandom Staff can run CheckUser searches on request (see the next section for guidelines) and may use the tool when someone is acting badly. In a few cases, some local administrators also have been given CheckUser rights. These rights only apply on their wiki, and the rights are only given when Staff believes there is a need based on unambiguous abuse of multiple accounts or extreme and excessive vandalism. In most cases, requests for CheckUser rights will be declined.

CheckUser logs are confidential system logs which are not accessible to the public due to Fandom's Privacy Policy. Attempting to leak CheckUser logs to the public will result in CheckUser rights being revoked.

CheckUser blocks should not be altered or overturned without consulting a user with CheckUser rights first.

How can I request an IP check?[]

All requests for CheckUser searches must be sent to the Community Support Team via Special:Contact. For the request to be considered, you must:

  1. Be an administrator for the community where the IP check is being run.
  2. Have a good reason for the check—curiosity is not enough. Reasons can include multiple abused accounts in the context of spam, vandalism, or community disruption.
  3. Provide the names of the IP addresses or accounts that you want checked.
  4. Explain in detail the problem that the accounts or IP addresses are causing.

Fandom allows people to have multiple accounts (as long as they are not being used abusively), so IP checks won't be run unless there are specific problems with those accounts. Additionally, no specific IP address will be given out. This is private user information, so it is not shared with admins.

Remember: CheckUser doesn't tell you who is using a keyboard. Matching IPs may be used by more than one person, and one person may be using two IPs. IP data also is not stored indefinitely and will be removed from our system after a few months. The tool can help understand problems but may not always give definitive answers.

The SOAP team does not handle CheckUser requests.

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