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A custom Gamepedia extension which allows pages to have a custom skin applied based on the categories to which it belongs.


Admins may create skins for categories at Special:CategorySkins on any wiki where the extension is enabled.

Skins may add a prefix or suffix to page titles, replace the wiki logo to a different image, and/or apply custom CSS to all pages in a given category. The actual category page itself and all talk pages associated with pages in the given category will also have the skin applied. Nesting of categories is also respected, so (assuming B is a sub-category of A) a skin for category A will apply to all pages with category B.

Custom CSS in skins[]

In order to avoid the base Hydra skin overriding custom CSS styles, a more specific selector may be needed. To facilitate this, an extra class is added to the body tag when a skin is active which is created with the "cs" namespace and a lower-cased version of the category in question.

For example, if you create a skin for Category:Cooking recipes, your CSS rules in MediaWiki:Cooking recipies.css may need to be qualified with the class cs-cooking_recipes as shown:

 * Broad style selectors (like plain "a") will likely be overridden by other styles.
 * Qualifying with the category skin class allows the selector to be more specific.
.cs-cooking_recipes a {
    /* your styles here */