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CAPTCHAs are a simple test to determine whether or not an edit is made by a bot - an automated wiki editing program, often used by spammers and vandals. Users trying to make certain types of edits may be asked to check a confirmation box before saving the page.


reCAPTCHA attempts to filter out automated edits

Fandom uses reCAPTCHA to protect our communities from these undesirable edits. CAPTCHAs are currently presented when an unregistered or non-autoconfirmed user adds an external link—not a [[wikilink]], but one which links to an external site.

Can I avoid CAPTCHAs?[]

Registered users who have been with Fandom for four days or more should not see the CAPTCHA. If you do, please log out and back in again.

Authorized bots can be exempted from CAPTCHAs. Please ask Fandom Staff if you need your editing bot flagged in this way.

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