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BoilerRoom operates differently depending on whether or not a user has Javascript enabled and whether the wiki has AJAX enabled:

  • With both enabled, BoilerRoom offers a more feature-rich four-button selector that is available when editing any page on the wiki.
  • With either disabled, only a simple one-button selector is available, and only when first editing a new page.

The four-button selector[]

The four-button BoilerRoom selector, shown below, appears above the edit textbox on every page when available. There is a small and large version.

BoilerRoom4ButtonSmallSelector The default small selector.
BoilerRoom4ButtonLargeSelector The optional large selector.

If you are using the enhanced toolbars that are part of the packaged WikiEditor extension, which are on by default, you will always see the small selector, regardless of the extension settings. The large selector will only appear if it was enabled when configuring the extension, and only with the enhanced toolbars disabled.

Note: In versions before 1.0, the large selector was the only one available. Additionally, it was only a three button selector, as shown here.

Inserting boilerplate text into the editor[]

The selector will list the page names of all boilerplates in the Boilerplate namespace, not including the "Boilerplate:" prefix. To insert text from one of these boilerplates, select it in the list and use one of the following buttons:

BoilerRoomButtonInsert Insert at cursor: Loads the boilerplate text and inserts it at the current cursor location.
BoilerRoomButtonPrepend Insert at beginning: Loads the boilerplate text and inserts before all other text in the edit box.
BoilerRoomButtonAppend Insert at end: Loads the boilerplate text and inserts before all other text in the edit box.
BoilerRoomButtonReplace Replace existing text: After asking for and receiving confirmation, loads the boilerplate text, replacing anything currently in the edit box.

Note, though, that even articles without <boilerroom> tags will be displayed as options, but nothing will happen when a user tries to include text from these pages; therefore, you should avoid allowing any non-boilerplate articles within the Boilerplate namespace.

The one-button selector[]

The one-button BoilerRoom is shown when AJAX is not enabled on a wiki, or when a user does not have Javascript enabled. This selector only appears and functions on new pages, and unlike the other selector, it must reload the page to function. It does not function dynamically and cannot load boilerplate text over or into existing content.