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BoilerRoom also provides the BoilerRoomBox, shown below, which functions very similarly to the one-button selector. The most important difference is that the BoilerRoomBox is not automatically displayed anywhere, but is included on pages through the use of the <boilerroombox> and <brbox> tags or the {{#boilerroombox}} and {{#brbox}} parser functions. (brbox and boilerroombox are synonyms for each other and function identically.)


The usage of either the tag or the parser function is a matter of preference most of the time, but if you want to include a BoilerRoomBox as a parameter to a template, you'll need to use one of the two parser functions. The interactions between the tag form and the parser function may also differ with the tags and parser functions of other extensions, and this is why both forms are included.

The syntax for each is similar, as shown here side-by-side.

Tag form


Parser function form


For the tag form, each parameter needs to be on its own line, with the end of line signifying the end of a value. For the parser function version, the pipe symbol signifies the end of the value and must be used between each parameter.

All of the parameters, explained below, are optional.

This identifies the article to preload into the edit box. It only loads content defined by <boilerplate> as explained here. If a namespace isn't included, the Boilerplate namespace is assumed. To use an article in the Main namespace, prefix the title with a colon (:). If none is included, this simply opens the requested page for normal editing and may be handy for skipping the search page when one wishes to proceed directly to the edit page.
This is the default title that appears in the box. It is probably best used to indicate a suggested prefix or suffix for the type of article it is used to create. The default is an empty box.
This is the text that appears on the button which opens the requested page for editing. The default label is "Edit".
The align can be left, right or center. This is applied as a CSS rule, so inherit is also a valid value. There is no default; if not included, no text-align rule is applied.
The size of the title entry box measured in number of characters. The default is 30.

Note that like the one-button selector, this cannot automatically load boilerplates on existing pages. It does, however, automatically select the requested boilerplate in the four-button selector, assuming the user has Javascript enabled and AJAX is enabled on the wiki.