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This feature or extension is currently under development - it may be in beta testing on specific communities, but may not be widely available for some time.
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The bloglist feature from blog articles allows you to embed a blog listing within a normal wiki article. It's like a blog listing page to go, and uses the <bloglist> extension.

There are a number of parameters you can define to format the embedded list to fit within different content pages - e.g. the main page, the community portal, a contest page, etc. In addition, it is extremely customizable.

Though this may seem complex at first, you can specify as many or as few parameters as you wish, as each parameter has a default setting. Even <bloglist></bloglist> will give you good results - it will list every post on the wiki.

Basic form

The basic form of the extension is as following:

<bloglist parameter1=setting1 parameter2="setting with spaces" p3=s3 p4=s4>

Categories and authors

Note how the category and author sections are written differently to other inputs - this is because they can take multiple inputs.

In addition, using author and category together gives you posts by the selected authors from the selected categories.

Valid extension inputs

This specifies which categories posts are pulled from.
It is an "or" selector - i.e. give it several categories, and it will collate posts from each category together. If unspecified, it defaults to show all categories (even uncategorized posts).
To use it type:
This specifies which authors posts are collated from.
It is an "or" selector - i.e. give it several authors, and it will collate posts from each author together. If unspecified, it defaults to all authors.
To use it type:
This specifies the number of posts shown.
Takes a number (integer) input. If unspecified, it defaults to 5.
For example:


Other notes

  • If no valid posts are found, the following message will be displayed: "No posts found. Write one!"
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