You can upload an avatar to represent yourself on all of FANDOM's communities. It will appear in several locations and gives users another way to identify themselves to others.


Uploading avatar

After selecting the image to use as your new avatar!

To upload an avatar for your profile:

  1. Save your chosen image to your computer (if not there already).
  2. Go to your user page.
  3. Mouse over your current avatar, then click the "Edit avatar" link that appears.
  4. Press the "Choose file" button and choose your image.
  5. Observe the preview of your avatar and decide if that's how you want it.
  6. Click the "Save, I'm Done" button to save your avatar.


  • Your image must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF, and it must be less than 500kb in size. It's best that the image is 150x150 pixels or larger. GIF image files (and animated PNGs) do not animate.
  • After you upload your new avatar, you can switch back to one of the default ones by clicking on one of them and hitting "Save, I'm Done". (Note: after doing this, switching to a custom avatar will require a new upload.)
  • Changing avatars is known to cause problems on mobile devices. If you cannot change it, use a computer or contact FANDOM.
    • You usually can't set an uploaded photo for your avatar on an iPad. This is usually because the image is too big for an avatar, but you don't get an error message currently.

Avatar locations

Your avatar will show up:

Choose your avatar wisely!

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