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:*''For general information about Community Apps, visit the [[Help:Community Apps|Community Apps]] help page.''
#REDIRECT [[Help:Mobile]]
:*''To manage your app's main page content, visit [[Help:Curated Main Page]]''
If you are an admin of your community, then it is especially important for you to know that approximately '''half''' of the visits across Wikia are coming from mobile devices. To support that mobile traffic, Wikia is creating iOS and Android apps that focus exclusively on individual communities.
For a list of Wikia Community Apps, visit '''[,+Inc. Google Play Store]''' or the '''[ Apple App Store]'''.
==Curating your App==
The [[Help:Curated Main Page|Curated Main Page]] tool allows admins to specify content that will be linked on the Community App's main page, as well as the main page seen by visitors on mobile web browsers.
==Promoting your Community App==
To ensure the success of this app, we highly recommend that you take a moment to tell your users about it. We recommend the following ways to spread the word:
* [[Help:Community messages|Community Corner]] message - Found at MediaWiki:Community_Corner on your respective communities. This will send an admin message to all users on your community.
* Highlighted [[Help:Forum|Forum]] post - Found at Special:Forum, this will send a notification to all users on your community.
We highly encourage you to include links to your particular Community Apps. Approximately half of your users are already participating through their mobile devices. This optimizes their experience, makes them happier, and increases your wikia's visibility.
==Further help and feedback==
{{Help and feedback section}}
[[Category:Administration help]]
[[de:Hilfe:Community-Apps für Administratoren]]
[[es:Ayuda:Aplicaciones Comunitarias para administradores]]
[[fi:Ohje:Yhteisösovellukset ylläpitäjille]]
[[fr:Aide:Applications communautaires/administration]]
[[pl:Pomoc:Aplikacje społeczności dla administratorów]]
[[pt:Ajuda:Apps das Comunidades para Administradores]]
[[ru:Справка:Мобильные приложения/администраторам]]
[[uk:Довідка:Мобільні додатки/адміністраторам]]

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