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Disambig This article is about the achievements system used on Fandom. For the achievements system used on Gamepedia, see help:Cheevos Achievements.

Achievements are a great way to grow your wiki. They encourage contributions by awarding users with badges as they make certain types of edits.


A user's badges, displayed on their user page. Hovering over the badge will display more information.


How to get achievements[]

If your community decides they would like the Achievements feature, an admin can contact Fandom Support to request that it be enabled.

Logged-in users can earn special badges simply by participating in any community that has Achievements enabled. Badges are awarded automatically as a user completes the tasks associated with them. Available and achieved badges are listed on user pages. These points start counting only after you have turned on Achievements for your community.

Customizing badges[]

Achievement badges

Customizing badges.

If you're an admin, you can customize the names and icons of Achievement badges on the page titled Special:AchievementsCustomize.

  • Each badge will be listed there, with a default image and name.
  • You can upload any JPG or PNG picture, and your picture will automatically be fitted inside the frame. The framing works best when your picture is square and when the most important part of the picture is right in the middle. You can use rectangular pictures, but you might find that a bit gets cropped out by the frame.
  • Best image size for square images is 80x80px
  • Badges can be renamed to reflect the topic of your wiki. This is done in the space provided next to the badge.
  • Badges are in one of four classes, each with a specific point count. Bronze badges are worth 10 points, silver badges are worth 50 points, and gold badges are worth 100 points. When you get one of these badges, you get the corresponding points. There is also one Platinum badge, which is worth 250 points.
  • When you have changed badge names, click Save changes to publish them.
  • If you no longer like the picture that you have chosen, just click "Revert to default" to go back to the original graphic.


Achievements leaderboard

An achievement leaderboard.

Each community has a leaderboard to showcase all the achievements and top badge winners. It can be found on a special page named Special:Leaderboard.

  • The leaderboard ranks the top users (at most 19) by the number of points they have from badges.
  • The ranking is refreshed every day.


Achievements are enabled on a per-wiki basis. If you do not wish to display your earned badges, you can hide them from your user page.

To do so, visit your Preferences on a wiki where Achievements is enabled, view the "Misc" tab, and check the box for "Hide my achievements on my profile from everybody".

Fixing technical problems[]

Unfortunately, achievements have some technical problems. The code for achievements was written by a 3rd party, and Fandom will not fix it.[1]
However, users have figured out how to fix the vast majority of the issues using custom CSS.

Name displays on hover[]

Code by Andrewds1021:

/* User profile badges - fix hover issue */ .UserProfileAchievementsModule {
    overflow: visible;
.badges li:hover .profile-hover {
    display: block;
    right: 100%;
    top: 50%;
    transform: translateY(-50%);

Previous/Next links[]

Code by SapadorCastelo:

/* User profile badges - fix Previous/Next links */
.AchievementsModule a.badges-prev[class] {
	display: unset;
.AchievementsModule ul:has(li.badge-8) ~ a.badges-next[class] {
	display: unset !important;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[]

Can I make a custom badge track?
No. Custom badge tracks are not available on Fandom after the migration to the Unified Community Platform, but existing badges can be edited.
How do I get The Creator achievement badge?
Realistically, this badge is no longer obtainable. (Details on the Badge Wiki.)
I made 8,000 edits before we added Achievements. Can I start out with bonus points?
No, the record starts when the feature is turned on. As an experienced editor, it shouldn't take you long to dominate the leaderboard.
Why do multiple users have the 'Lucky' badge?
This badge is awarded each time 1000 edits are made – one user will receive it for the 1000th edit, another for the 2000th edit, and so on.
Why did I miss a day on the "contributing to the wiki every day" achievement?
The tracking for this achievement is based on server time, which is in the UTC timezone. For example, if you make an edit at 2 pm in the PST timezone (UTC-8) one day then another at 6 pm the next day, in UTC this will be counted as 10 pm on day one and 2 am on day three. We recommend keeping an eye on time in UTC if you are dedicated towards this achievement.
One of the editors in my community is making bad edits and doesn't deserve to earn a badge for them. Can I take their badges away?
Once a badge is awarded, it can't be taken away. If someone is making silly edits just to get badges, then you can leave them a message on their talk page about it. As always, it's best to assume good faith – they may not realize that they're doing anything wrong. Talking to them usually helps! If someone is vandalizing the site and fails to respond to messages, then blocking them from the community is an option.
What happens to the badges of a blocked user?
Users who have been blocked from editing will have their badges hidden and will vanish from the leaderboard (if they have been on there). Once the user is unblocked, their total badge and point count will be revealed again. If they are still eligible for the leaderboard, they will return there as well.
If the Achievement Badges are turned off and back on, will that reset the badges each person has earned?
No. Disabling achievements won't reset anything. You can turn them off and then back on, and everything will still be there.
My badges keep getting cropped!
The achievements tools automatically crops images, but you may want to take more control of this process. Specific ideal sizes for each badge image are:
78×78 px for bronze badges, 100×100 px for silver badges, 95×95 px for gold badges.
How can a community disable Achievements?
An admin can contact Fandom Support and request to disable the feature.


  1. "The badges plugin is just what it is at this point. Fandom was never the author of that code, and the original upkeepers have abandoned it. So at this point whatever still works is what we've got."
    Discussion post by Zacatero on 7 July 2023

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