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This extension is not enabled by default but may be available upon request.

The AbuseFilter extension allows administrators to set specific actions to be taken when actions by users match certain criteria. Enabling the extension is subject to restrictions, and administrators are only given access when there is a clear and current need for it. Administrators can contact Fandom Staff to enable the extension.

Managing filters[]

When enabled, an administrator can navigate to Special:AbuseFilter, which lists the current filters and some basic information about them. Clicking the "Create a new filter" button will create a new filter. The public description will be visible in Special:AbuseLog. The conditions section is where rules can be written. When the filter is hit by an action, additional actions can be taken. These include displaying a warning before allowing it to complete, completely disallowing the action, adding a tag to the action, or even blocking the user.


The syntax consists of variables (which store data), functions (which transform data), and keywords (which have common functionality).

Here are some of the most commonly used variables:

Name Description
action The action taken (like edit, move, delete, protect, or upload)
user_groups An array of the user's groups (like sysop or content-moderator)
user_rights An array of the user's specific rights (see Special:ListGroupRights)
page_namespace Numerical ID of the page's namespace (this replaces the deprecated article_namespace)
page_title The title of the page (this replaces the deprecated article_text)
added_lines Lines added in the edit
removed_lines Lines removed in the edit

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