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The large part of the Animanga section of Wikia isn't very active, and I'm not that great at finding the various communities on topics. But one thing I have noticed is that a lot of Fansubbing groups actually double themselves with community forums, and a lot of the people who know about the anime go there.

Wiki are much more strong on the legal points than other places which is why I'm bringing this up. I know that unfortunately while it's nice and helpful for the anime community and those who wish to watch a series but unfortunately can't watch it because the series has not been translated to the point they want to see in all technicality it is illegal even if some of the companies creating the anime do let them get away with it for awhile.

But the reason I'm saying this, is this; I've thought that the Animepedia and other wiki about various anime, and in total the whole animanga section on Wikia has not been getting enough attention from the anime community because of it not showing up anywhere. My thought is that it may be nice if the WGEP could band together with a few of the groups to get it's name out there and to attract potential editors from the forums that the fansubbing groups host.

It's unfortunate that actually just posting in those forums alone doesn't help, one actually came up with the idea of making an encyclopedia here, but even though they were so enthusiastic about helping out with improving that series on the Animepedia that the forum was about they haven't even shown up after all this time. But while just a thread in a forum won't help, what a lot of people do go through is the affiliations, and various announcements by the group. If the WGEP were to band together with a few of the groups, it may attract editors and readers from being linked to and mentioned in the announcements of various groups.

But my only concern is what point has to be taken because of the fact that the groups are doing questionably legal stuff even though it would help. ~Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) tricks Jun 25, 2007 @ 09:59 (UTC)