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Really bummed about the new look. It's horrible honestly. I was able to easily edit the Monaco stuff, and now I haven't touched my wiki since the new skin went up.

Best part about Monaco for me was the side bar with drop down menus. (That and it just looked 1000000000 times better) Is there a way to restore my old side menu? Or at least see what navigation links I had there... I feel completely lost in my own wiki...

Also... Is there an alternative wiki site out there that handles like the monaco theme did here? I feel like took a big step backwards... Please list some free wiki sites... Thank you... Poor decision wikia... poor...

—This unsigned comment is by Garumike (talkcontribs) 12:41, 15 November 2010. Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Please direct your specific complaints to Special:Contact. While community forum members may be sympathetic to your plight, there is very little we can do without violating Wikia's Terms of Use.
For alternatives, see the Anti-Wikia Alliance site at -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 6:03 PM PST 15 Nov 2010

Wasn't really a complaint... was looking for a way to get my old drop menu back... But thanks for the link I guess...

Please sign your messages. This might be of interest to you:
Forum:Can sidebar site navigation be returned in a show/hide box?
The new Vector skin has open/close menus in the sidebar. Some other wiki farms will update to the new version of MediaWiki that uses the Vector skin. --Timeshifter 23:26, November 16, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the responses,I really just wanted to get my nested list back... I had several links there that I couldn't remember... for those who need that just put this in you browser: (Thanks again wikia... egh) GARUMIKE

'GARUMIKE' said (repeatedly) "I really just wanted to get my nested list back". We are told that the former MediaWiki navigation of the sidebar has been simply moved to a top row. It occurs as a default arrangement of four items, three of which are internal calculations of most popular Categories with their top items as dropdown; the fourth is to a forum etc. that is empty on my wiki.

The file is at -- /wiki/MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation -- which was listed somewhere around here, but without explanation of how it works at Wikia in this OasisSkin manifestation. I discovered today, after finding nothing using Search here, that it can be easily customized. The version for my entertainment wiki now looks like this:

**Season 1
**Season 2
**Season 3

**Category:Main_characters|Main Characters
**Category:Season_1_characters|Season 1 Characters
**Category:Season_2_characters|Season 2 Characters
**Category:Season_3_characters|Season 3 Characters

**Category:Actors|All Actors
**Category:Season 1 actors|Season 1 Actors
**Category:Season 2 actors|Season 2 Actors

*Help:Contents|General Help

Note that line spaces have been added for readability here. It is a list of at most four starred items which are internal links minus brackets. Three have been made drop-down by a second-level autolist, while the top item is still a link itself, making five selectable items. The first sublist is of plain filenames; the other two are of further Category items with piped text, because there is a length limit for the row. Note that word space is left in one set, but filled with _ in the other, meaning it doesn't seem to matter in those cases. The fourth item is a single pick, but could have been another sublist. If your sublists are of Categories, or as in my first case are pages that offer links, that will make another level of selection. The third set seems to duplicate the top item and first subitem: yes, because a plain word will also link, but to an empty-page page asking for content; so every item imo should be to something useful.

I would be happy enough with this arrangement for my wiki, except that the items are all on a transparent field until hovered, meaning the whole list is never on a readable background. That has meant that some items, especially the "Edit this menu" bottom selection, may not appear or can disappear before being picked. Unless you make a link to the edit page, you may never be able to work on it. And indeed, like the skin in general, it does not quite work. - Thumlyly 04:33, November 19, 2010 (UTC)

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