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On w:c:nationstates, I have an error similar to other SVG problems, but with a different twist; I was redirected back here by the folks at Bugzilla (This is almost certainly a problem with missing directories or bad directory permissions on the server. You'll have to check with the wikia server admins.). Every thumbnail for SVGs (and some for bitmaps) have this message instead of the thumbnail: "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to create destination directory". As well, most (if not all) bitmaps that aren't like that are just...gone (well, mostly; I can retrieve the images from the versions, but they don't show up on their Image: page or anywhere else), and I can't re-upload them. They are listed with dimensions of 0x0, but keep their original file size. Help! Blast 06:44, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

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