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Hi all, I was told a while ago by a staff member that a bearucrat can change the names of user groups, but not what they acctually do. How do I do this? Thanks FarxodorCrown.pngFarxodor 22:38, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

There's several MediaWiki messages that may be able to change the names indicated by the software for the usergroups. A quick look at Special:AllMessages gives these pages (default values are listed after):

MediaWiki:group - Group
MediaWiki:group-all - (all)
MediaWiki:group-autoconfirmed - Autoconfirmed users
MediaWiki:group-autoconfirmed-member - autoconfirmed user
MediaWiki:group-bot - Machine Army
MediaWiki:group-bot-member - bot
MediaWiki:group-bureaucrat - Bureaucrats
MediaWiki:group-bureaucrat-member - bureaucrat
MediaWiki:group-checkuser - Check users
MediaWiki:group-checkuser-member - Check user
MediaWiki:group-fb-admin - Group admins
MediaWiki:group-fb-admin-member - Group administrator
MediaWiki:group-fb-groupie - Group members
MediaWiki:group-fb-groupie-member - Group member
MediaWiki:group-fb-officer - Group officers
MediaWiki:group-fb-officer-member - Group officer
MediaWiki:group-fb-user - Facebook Connect users
MediaWiki:group-fb-user-member - Facebook Connect user
MediaWiki:group-helper - Helpers
MediaWiki:group-helper-member - Helper
MediaWiki:group-janitor - Janitors
MediaWiki:group-oversight - Oversighters
MediaWiki:group-oversight-member - Oversight
MediaWiki:group-suppress - Oversights
MediaWiki:group-suppress-member - oversight
MediaWiki:group-sysop - Administrators
MediaWiki:group-sysop-member - administrator
MediaWiki:group-user - Users
MediaWiki:group-user-member - user

Hope that helps. -- RandomTime 22:48, September 13, 2010 (UTC)



22:52, September 13, 2010 (UTC)
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