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Since some time today, answers wikis have been changed from the answers skin to Oasis. This was done sans-announcement - and, if this was an intentional change, without thought. The skin is, odviously - unsuited to answers wikis in it's current form, due to - mainly - the lack of an "ask a question button". My current theory, however - is that this was an accidental release. Although Wikia stated that there would be a rollout of this skin to Answers wikis, this looks like the same skin, and I'm sure Wikia would have liked to have changed it somewhat. Therefore, I think this is a bug to fix the workaround some users have been using to gain access to monaco. For those who don't know - users could use &useskin=answers to see the monaco-sapphire skin - this was fixed by Wikia. I think, in the rush to push this out, Wikia accidentally changed the skin for answers wikis to oasis. Wikia, please rectify this bug ASAP, not only is the oasis skin much worse than the current answers skin (due to it not having an "ask a question" button - and the complete hiding of other tools (history button?) - it also came without any announcement for answers wikis, so they could plan to either split from wikia, or adapt there current skin and inform their userbase. Also, if this is a real rollout - please enable the monobook skin as a preference option, so that we can use that. ---- RandomTime [Sysop, UnAnswers] 22:24, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

I think the same thing happened on a lot of sub-answers wikis, so if it is an accident it is one that somehow got repeated many times. WoW Answers also got the Oasis update without an Ask a question entry box or button. I said in another post that Wikia doesn't appear to have any QA, but they appear to not have any release management either.
At least I got to use Theme Designer on WoW Answers. That was kind of nice. LOL. -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 5:40 PM PST 15 Nov 2010
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