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I'm sorry, but over the past day, I've been really irritated by an advert. It seems to pop up on every Wikia I visit, and is really annoying.

The advert is about Priest, a vampire film. I can live with that, but the advert intrudes beyond its boundaries. It makes some strange shuriken fly out of the advert box and over quite a lot of the page, obscuring text and being generally annoying. Then, as if that wasn't irritating enough, a shuriken appears to fly at the screen and crack the monitor. While all this is happening, I can't use my mouse wheel to scroll up/down and it gets severely annoying as it is on nearly every Wikia I have visited, repeats the whole shuriken shebang every time I go to another page. I really am irritated by this advert, as I hope I have made clear.

Therefore, re the above, can any of the big cheeses take down the Priest advert or at least make it so shuriken don't fly at the screen, please? ¬_¬

Awesome as I am, I still need sustenance, so make me a sandwich. 19:14, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

You can report Bad Ads at special:contact - for them to know which one is bad, you'll need to give a link to the one that's doing it - follow the instructions at the first link. RandomTime 19:20, May 6, 2011 (UTC)
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