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TOTALLY SORRY FOR THE DUPE - ipad refresh got all wonky on me.
TOTALLY SORRY FOR THE DUPE - ipad refresh got all wonky on me.

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TOTALLY SORRY FOR THE DUPE - ipad refresh got all wonky on me.

Link to my [[1]]User Page >>

Link to the Wikia where I am experiencing truoble

Link to the User who is being abusive

Link to their "other account"

Is there a way to lock my own user page from being edited by any other users, with exception of an admin?

This individual has been beligerent towards myself and other users, as well as the admin. This user I believe has been banned before - under a different name. You can see in the history of my user page that this afternoon they were abusive towards me, after I had politely requested them to not edit my user page, and use the talk page and leave a message if they had a disagreement with me. They reverted my edit and put back their comment. I have left it as is - so that someone may see what I am talking about.

They have also added this as their summary for the edit

"I'd take you more seriously if you weren't such a mega bitch and also if you would get your facts straight before taunting a person. Also, you made the insult in your USER PAGE and NOT the talk page."

The facts were that he did edit my user page, and I was not taunting him by directing him to use the talk page.

What is my recourse here? how do I fix this? Aside from opening a new account under a new name? Fräulein 22:24, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

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