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please can someone help me i want to add residents of victora street and rosamund street oncoronation street wikia but the page i want to but it on is a specal page and i cant edit it. i got a other page it put it in i can edit but how add the categories like victora street under the V. i crick on edit this page and what now and is it same adding subcategories as adding categories plase help me i'm new here.

Hi - I'm guessing you want help with adding categories to pages. You don't need to add a page to a specific part of a category; just typing the name of the category at the bottom of the edit view when editing a page is enough. If you want a full guide on using categories on Wikia, it is available here. The 888th Avatar (talk) 10:01, September 1, 2010 (UTC)
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