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Hi, I'm an editor on the Dynasty Warriors Wiki. I was just wondering if there was anyway that I could be an Admin on the Dynasty Warriors wiki. I know it seems rude to ask and I wouldn't do it if I didn't care about the wiki, so please hear me out.

I am trying to improve this wiki as it in shambles at the moment with no regular editors, no consistent article structure and many broken links with many pages of information on it needing creation and recently the Samurai Warriors Wiki was added to the wiki as well, furthering the amount of broken links and missing information.

Anyway, in terms of active wikians I am the only one who has been actively and regularly contributing (contributing to the wiki itself (not forum or talk pages, for example)) in about the past 2 months and no Admins save for Whopper have even been around in about 2 years and Whooper hasn't been around for a while (save for one random visit a few weeks ago).

Now, in trying to improve the wiki there is need for deletion of articles and images, etc, an Admin is needed, and I cannot obviously do so and with no Admins being around either, no deletion can happen at all. Nor can another admin promote me, nor can I be given even rollback rights to tackle vandalism.

That is why I ask of this request, so that I can help to improve the wiki, with neccessary deletions and the ability to tackle vandals. I would ask on the wiki itself, but as I have said, no one is around to hear my plea.

Please, could I be made an Admin on the Dynasty Warriors wiki? Please, I only ask for its own good. Thank you. Aeonlord92

Hi, Aeonlord92. Normally you can just ask a member of the Community Team for sysop, but it appears one of the sysops, Whopper has edited recently. I also see a couple of editors who have edited in the past couple of weeks, I suggest getting with them and discuss about who should get adminship, whether it be one of you, or the lot of you. After you guys come to some sort of agreement you can link on of the Community Team to the discussion where this took place and they can grant the rights. Good luck. --CharitwoTalk 17:23, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply, I'll try asking on the wiki but the main editors (Dabigbozz, Luxun & Whopper), like I said, are rarely active, so I may just be asking the odd, newbie editor that rarely pops up.
If I hear nothing from a major editor in a week or two I'll come back here and see about the next course of action.
Also, I just realised the wiki doesn't even have a bureaucrat!
Thanks again! -- Aeonlord92

Next course of action?

It's me again.

I asked on our site's Community Portal about what we should do a week & a half ago. Dabigbozz replied & said he felt the same just he didn't want to say anything in-case he came across as arrogant or rude.

We talked on the portal and agreed that another Admin was needed to help maintain the wiki due to Whopper's in-activeness (?).

Though it wasn't really said who should be admined I believe appropriate for us both to be admined as I recommended him & vice-versa.

I'm here really to update you on the status of the situation & to ask advice - should we settle this matter now or wait for more (rarely active & may not be on for months) users to reply and give their opinions?

If someone could help us decide what to do I'd appreciate it. Thanks. --Aeonlord92

You could ask to become Bureaucrate and you'll be able to give sysopship to who you want or better yet, who the community as vote to become sysop. — TulipVorlax 01:28, 22 July 2008 (UTC)
That's not really a possibility as it would be unfair on the Admin who has been on the wiki a lot longer than me. So really, I guess I could ask for Adminship but I'd rather see what someone else recommends I do first. --Aeonlord92

(continued on my talk page - sannse@fandom (talk) 09:24, 23 July 2008 (UTC))

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