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Hey, i am getting very very very mad about an issue with Oasis, I will not get into a huge argument about how much of a horrible move Oasis was, but I will cut to my one issue.

The 100 Kilobyte limit for Background Image.... Why? Just why! I can upload other images to my wiki far surpassing 100 Kilobytes, so when I try to make a Background image, I NEED it to be more then 100 Kilobytes, or else its either to tiny or to empty! Seriously, why limit this? Its crazy, and its pointless. It isnt saving Server Space because all the other images uploaded to wikis are far above 100 Kilobytes.

Seriously, think this through. Its time to change this issue that has been haunting my wiki since the theme switch.

And dont say " Well Oh you can Tile it" because who wants to see the same image of some guy lazily repeated over a background...

So what do you guys think of this?

Thanks for reading, and please leave a reply with you opinion. -----<THE GMoD - Admin - Founder - Slipknot.Wikia.Com>---- 08:46, February 2, 2011 (UTC)The Slipknot Wiki

If you have photoshop, there is a web safe type save that gives you options to convert image file down in bites. Devilmanozzy 09:17, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

If you tile an image, don't use an image that wasn't designed to be tiled. Use a tessellating image. Also, there's a limit for a reason, and the reason is that slower computers take forever to load large images. Using a 1MB background can cause lag on some peoples' computers, and Wikia doesn't want you doing that. If you want, you can get an image that fits the screen, and blank it out where the article will be. That will decrease its file size.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:26,2/2/2011 
I see what you mean, but when part of the thing is blocked out, it makes it difficult for all resolutions to adapt to the same background, due to the Fixed Width pages now.
And, I am trying to not complain... But just look at this and tell me the switch to Oasis was a good one, look at this...-----<THE GMoD - Admin - Founder - Slipknot.Wikia.Com>---- 21:51, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

Wiki before the switch, nice and very professional look, Complicated Wikitext made theme, but a very good one that benefits the site tremendously. Expanding width pages makes the theme and background look good on all resolutions (I tested on everything from an iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV!)

Oasis theme, Very simple look, not much work put into it, very dull and unappealing, Fixed width backgrounds makes the page glitch under certain systems and resolutions (Such as on an iPhone) and look small and unreadable on larger resolutions (Such as a big screen TV) while making a good background like seen in the before image, almost impossible due to the background being in a different localized spot on different resolutions. The new tools make the sites look horrible because you dont put much, if any effort into making the site. Is there any way we can get Wikitext editing back... and is there any way at the same time we can get Monobook back?

The Oasis sucks argument is long over, and I'm not about to bring it back up. If you really want to put your picture in the background, use CSS. That completely bypasses the Theme designer and lets you use any image size you want.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  22:01,2/2/2011 
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