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Aired March 16, 2012

This webinar overview's the Creative Commons License used by Wikia, what is states, how its applied and covers the basics you should be aware of as a wiki contributor.

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Welcome to the March Webinar on Wikia’s content copyright. I’m Sarah Manley  a community manager here at Wikia and I am super excited to have Timothy Vollmer of Creative Commons here today to chat with us about the creative commons licences and Wikia’s specific license CC BY-SA

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What is copyright?

So you might be wondering why we are dedicating a whole webinar to this topic - and its because we think its important that all Wikians understand what happens to the content they contribute. So lets start with the basics, copyright is defined by wikipedia  as “a legal concept that… gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms, who may perform the work, who may financially benefit from it, and other related rights.”

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In essence it is a way for someone to protect the work that they make and make profit from this piece of work. This can be applied but isn’t limited to art, music and writing. The author can legally control where their work is used and by who, and can receive financial gain.

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Copyright on Wikia?

As a contributor to Wikia its important for you to understand how the content you contribute is copyrighted, and what can and can’t happen with this content. The important areas to understand are our:

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Terms of Use Review

In order to create an account on Wikia, you must agree to our Terms of Use. This agreement states that all written content on Wikia is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, known in short as CC BY-SA. Wikia chose this license when we began to help support the availability of free knowledge that can be used and shared by anyone.

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This license applies to all text you contribute - and states that the text can be re-used, and freely distributed as long as properly attribution is given. In the upcoming slides Tim will walk us through the details of this license and exactly these terms mean.

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CC-BY-SA & Your Contribs

How does this apply to text that you import or images that you add? If you are importing text, it needs to be compatible with the cc by-sa license and follow any other stipulations set by its license.

If you are adding images, we strongly recommend you use images that are public doman or freely licensed. We also recommend that you cite where the image comes from, who created it and what its specific copyright is. This is one area you may want to create a policy about on your wiki so that other users are encouraged to add copyright information to the images

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So in this webinar Tim is going to introduce us to What Creative Commons does, the types of licenses they offer, and will walk us through all of the details of CC BY-SA. He and I will also take your questions at the end, so be sure to submit them at any time.

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