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Historically, Fandom only performs global blocks based on a user's actions directly on our platform. This is because we can verify their actions, which we can not do on other services. Screenshots can be faked or otherwise manipulated by people with personal agendas. Additionally, other platforms may have differing standards of user behavior in their respective Terms of Use, and as such it would be unfair to believe if a user is blocked on another site, they should be blocked on Fandom.

Fandom does make limited exceptions to this policy. We may globally block a user on our network if any sort of action occurs on a third-party service between two users who met or primarily interact through Fandom that threatens the physical or mental safety of one of the parties.

An example of when this could be true is if a blocked user threatens an admin on Facebook for the block. While the communications happened on Facebook, it was a direct result of something that happened on Fandom.

Examples are not limited to, but can include:

  • Threatening physical or mental harm.
  • Doxxing
  • Inappropriate interactions with users under 18 years of age
  • Sexual harassment
  • Harassment of IP creators/owners
  • Attacking with racist/homophobic slurs
  • In event of one party being an admin, using their position on the wiki to gain some sort of favor from the other party.
    • For example, "I will block you on Fandom if you do not talk to me in a Discord DM"

If you witness something that threatens someone's safety, we always encourage you to contact the host of the content to let them know urgently. If that is something that relates to this policy, you can contact us. Additionally, if you ever feel unsafe on the internet, regardless of what platform something occurs on, we encourage you to seek out help from a trusted figure in your life - like an adult or counselor - or contact your local authorities.

Please be aware that simply because you report something related to this policy, it does not mean Fandom will intervene. We only will issue a global block if we have some way to verify what is being reported and that Person X on one network is in fact Person Y on ours.

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