Study Track #2 - Editing 101
Have you just started editing on your favorite Fandom community? Or maybe you're thinking about making your first edit, but it seems like a big step? Fear not! This Fandom University course will show you the basics and help you become a great contributor.
Making Your First Contribution
Explore an Article Page
Basic Text Editing
Adding an Image
Adding a Video
Creating Links on Fandom
Introduction to Wikitext
How to Use Wikitext
What Makes Good Content and Contributions
Wikia, Inc.'s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines
Getting Help
Working Together
What is Fandom University?
Fandom University is your official source for Community knowledge. The goal of Fandom University is to provide instructions, help and advice to users at every level of experience. Courses are organized by subject matter, and the classes within each course include a short video and links to additional resources. We'll be adding new classes frequently, so check back often. Feel free to link to parts of Fandom University on your own community's main page, navigation or anywhere else were members of your community look for help and guidance.

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