Are you aware of a community with lots of activity in Discussions but no one to moderate it? Here you can request temporary moderation support for wikis that need it.

Anyone can submit a moderation request for a Discussions community. You don't have to be an admin on that community and you don't need to be an active member on that community yourself.

To qualify for support by our global Discussions moderators, the wiki must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Discussions has to be active: There should be at least one new post per day on average.
  • The wiki either has no active admins or moderators, or they have shown that they are not able or willing to take care of Discussions on their own.
  • There is an actual need for Discussions moderation or restructuring. If the community is unattended, but has all the categories and guidelines it needs, is largely free of spam and trolls, and the users behave well, outside help is not necessary.

Note: If the problem is not an ongoing lack of moderation, but a flood of spam, such as someone repeatedly posting inappropriate content or external links to something irrelevant to the wiki, please report it to the VSTF instead.

Every request will be evaluated by the FANDOM Support Team. If we agree the community needs help by the global Discussions moderators, we will let you know in a comment in response to your request. As soon as possible, members of the moderation team will then start helping out on the community. Submit your request here.

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