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Welcome to the Community Programs Hub!

At Fandom, we hope that you find joy in becoming a part of your favorite communities and celebrating with other fans. To help deepen that experience, we create different programs for users to become more involved. The Community Programs Hub lists the current ongoing programs we offer to users and will be updated as new programs open for participation. Jump in, take a look, and most importantly, have fun!


Elevate your admin skills with Admin Plus! Complete our courses and earn badges to showcase your expertise and dedication in fostering wiki communities. Join us today and become an A+ admin!

Fandom Stars serve as ambassadors of the Fandom community and can experience one-of-a-kind opportunities only found on Fandom. Fandom Stars have the opportunity to provide feedback, attend exclusive events, and more!

Empower your fandom! Join Fandom Compass and guide search engines to the ultimate source - your wiki community!

Community Events

Community Events: Participate in interactive and engaging community experiences and connect with fellow editors on Discord. Level up your editing skills during office hours, and share your insight using roundtables, AMAs, and more! Register for your next event or check out all the recent events and get a sense of what we're particularly interested in.

Fandom Staff Blog Posts

Check out the Fandom Staff Blog Posts for the latest news and updates on the platform! Explore the blog for insightful articles, expert opinions, and helpful tips. Read the latest and greatest here.

Supporting Wiki Administrators

Our Wiki Representative Program is all about providing a top direct support to the greatest wikis on Fandom - learn more here.

Fandom Customer Support

For any questions you have, our Customer Support team are there to help you! Answers to common questions and support contact information can be found on

Are you a game publisher, developer, or other IP holder who wants to ensure your audience has a home on the world's most popular wiki platform? The Fandom Wiki Partner Program can meet your needs. Fandom's Community Partnerships team supports our wiki partners who, in turn, provide tangible benefits to Fandom's editor community.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Fandom Community Team works on special DEI projects every month, covering a broad range of topics and initiatives, focused on showcasing and empowering different perspectives across all forms of media. Take a look at our initiatives here

Whether you like anime, gaming, or tv and movies - this is the place to tune in to in order to learn about and celebrate every aspect of these eclectic fandoms! Take a look at our previous streams here

Admin Plus

Our Admin+ courses provide eligible admins with the opportunity to earn certified badges in three specialized areas: Technical Foundations, Content Development, and Community Building. Each course delves into the fundamental aspects of its respective subject, empowering admins to cultivate a welcoming and thriving wiki community. Upon acquiring all three badges, A+ admins will be awarded the prestigious Ultra+ badge!

Furthermore, Fandom extends the A+ Wiki status to any wiki where all eligible admins have successfully obtained their badges.

Take a look at the Admin Plus page for more details.

Fandom Stars

Fandom Stars is the ultimate program designed to recognize and amplify Fandom’s most prolific creators, primarily editors. Stars serve as ambassadors of the Fandom community and are able to experience one-of-a-kind opportunities only found on Fandom. The program recognizes contributions to the community, engages members to participate in experiences only on Fandom, and amplifies the most prolific community members.

Fandom Stars are creative and curious individuals who go the extra mile to help others and create new and fresh content and fan experiences. Their knowledge makes them excellent mentors who can provide resources and tips to fellow community members. They’re the first to ask important questions and ensure that people feel included in the community.

Please check the blog post announcement for more info and the official page for becoming a Fandom Star!

Fandom Compass

Fans frequently discover wikis through search engines such as Google. This is a logical process: when they have a question, they turn to Google, which directs them to the relevant answers. However, search engines can occasionally become overwhelmed by the abundance of information available. To address this issue, Compass Communities, which are wikis accepted into the Compass program, are committed to guiding Google and other search engines, asserting themselves as the foremost authoritative sources of information.

More information can be found at our Fandom Compass page.

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SEO Office Hours

When: Friday, 7 months ago (on 2023-11-17), at 17:0 Where: on the Fandom Discord Server
Click here to view the event!

Wydarzenie społeczności: „Jak wprowadzić życie w społeczność wiki?” [Wymaga roli "Polish"]

When: Saturday, 8 months ago (on 2023-10-21), at 16:0 Where: on the Fandom Discord Server
Click here to view the event!

SEO Office Hours - Better Late than Never

When: Sunday, 13 months ago (on 2023-06-02), at 19:30 Where: on the Fandom Discord Server
Click here to view the event!