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Community Central

Community Checkpoint is an hour-long voice chat held on the Official Fandom Editors Discord server twice a month. It is hosted by Brandon Rhea and Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh. It has no staff agenda. The event is your opportunity to raise questions, comments, and concerns to staff in a little more free-flowing manner.

Checkpoint is generally held the first Friday and third Wednesday of every month, with the first Friday being a morning event and the third Wednesday being an afternoon event (both US Eastern time). This scheduling is to make Checkpoints more predictable with two different time slots, so folks can plan to attend one or the other. Please note that summer scheduling is rather tough and the dates and times are less consistent as a result.

Checkpoint is held in English with both voice and text available for raising questions, comments, and concerns through the #checkpoint-text channel, but all issues are addressed on the Community Checkpoint voice channel.

Upcoming Checkpoints

May 14th, 10am US Eastern

May 26th, 1pm US Eastern

June 4th, 11am US Eastern

June 17th, 2pm US Eastern (a Thursday!)

July 9th, 11am US Eastern

July 21st, 2pm US Eastern

August 6th, 10am US Eastern