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Community Central
Community Central

Fandom's team of staff members help to support and grow all of our communities. We work on a variety of projects and you can turn to us with questions or concerns. Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your community, and meet the members of the team below!


Community Experience

The Community Experience team is primarily responsible for providing proactive support to you as editors. We do that in several ways. First and foremost, we have proactive wiki management where team members will work directly with top communities to ensure that they are getting the support and Fandom news that they need. This is through a combination of Community Managers on our staff team, as well as Wiki Representatives. We host a slew of programming initiatives that editors can attend, like more AMAs, live-streams where you can hear from us about the latest developments at Fandom to stay informed, and yearly Community Connect.

Customer Support

Have you ever sent an email ticket into our Zendesk support queue? The person who responded to you is from Customer Support! Whereas Community Experience is our more proactive team that reaches out directly to you, Customer Support is our team of dedicated support reps who are there to react whenever you need to turn to them for help with something on your wiki.

Community Development

Whereas Community Experience and Customer Support largely focus on your editing experience, Community Development is primarily responsible for working with you on the content experience. You’ll see three main functions within Community Development. One is Best Practices. This is an initiative that lets editors know what the best advice is from the industry, from an SEO point of view, and from our own experiences about how content can be best positioned for discovery on search engines. It doesn’t mean they’re the only practices, but we advocate for what we see as our expertise in this area. Through that we also work on content optimization, and making sure that if there’s content that isn’t succeeding as well as it could be, we work directly with the community to try to find a solution. Finally, we also seed some new communities around new shows, games, and movies where we think we have the best chance to grow a wiki. Our team of Wiki Specialists will play a big part in that.

Community Activations

Our Community Activations team takes community development work to the next level. Sometimes, a TV studio or a game publisher will say “hey, we want to sponsor an entire wiki about our show or game.” Our Community Activations team will make sure that those wikis, often newer ones where a community hasn’t been built up yet, looks incredible and is the best version of a wiki it possibly could be. In the case of a wiki with an existing community, our team will work directly with admins and editors to take that wiki to the next level by dedicating some of our team’s resources to helping build out more content, giving it a facelift, and more. Community Activations also works on our Official Wiki program.

Community Safety

None of the above would be possible unless you feel safe on the Fandom platform. This is the team that focuses on user safety, making sure that we’re keeping the platform free of harassment, bullying, or other bad behavior from bad faith users. They are also responsible for the review and implementation of user safety policies, as well as policies around what kinds of content are and will be allowed on the Fandom platform in the future. They also oversee the review of JavaScript, to make sure there’s no malicious code on the platform that could harm you; vandalism, through our SOAP team, to keep your wikis clean of malicious content; and images, as we manually review every image that’s uploaded to the platform to prevent porn, gore, or other unwanted images from being hosted here.