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Community Central

Fandom Staff are full time employees of Fandom. This page primarily covers members of the Community Team and the Customer Support Team. We work on a variety of projects and you can turn to us with questions or concerns. Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your community, and meet the members of the team below.

For an overview of how the Community Team operates, check out the April 2024 Staff Blog titled "How Fandom's Community Team Works in 2024.

Community Managers

Community Managers work closely with wikis across the platform on a daily basis and whose entire role is supporting editors and maintaining community relationships. Community Managers work in multiple different areas of Fandom’s Community team, including: on our gaming and entertainment vertical teams, where they are often assigned to wikis on the platform as a direct point of contact; on our product support efforts, with a focus on coordinating the testing of, feedback for, and rollout of new site features; and on trust and safety, with a focus on moderation and site policy.

Partnership Managers

Partnership Managers on the Community team work with external partners (like gaming and entertainment studios) on Official Wiki partnerships and, as a growing focus, to bring new benefits to the community in the form of assets, access, or other valuable perks. These are provided by the partner in exchange for supporting editors and readers with a top-tier wiki. Partnership Managers work closely with our Community Managers to ensure that any partnership between Fandom, a wiki, and a studio is serving the needs of the community.

Customer Support

Have you ever sent an email ticket into our help desk? The person who responded to you is most likely from Customer Support! Customer Support is our team of dedicated support reps who are there to react whenever you need to turn to them for help with something on your wiki.

Community Leadership

Community Leadership is made up of the direct managers of the individual community teams and team members. They’re not direct points of contact for the community, but you may still seem them around as their job is to make sure things run smoothly for the entire Community team.